Vitamin C

“Vitamin” = essential. “Essential” = must be consumed in diet, body will not create on it’s own. When the term “essential fatty acids” is expressed, it is talking about specific fatty acids that cannot be made or synthesized in the body – it must come from diet. While non-essential fatty acids can be synthesized within the body using other ingredients to build them. The term “vitamin” is the same. A vitamin that we can produce endogenously – in our body – is by definition not a vitamin. So any vitamin must be consumed exogenously (from outside the body) for it to exist within the body.

Chris Masterjohn’s Masterclass video on Vitamin C (some jargon to start, but weaves into totally understandable and actionable points for the layman as well. how to consume vitamin C and why. What foods are highest in Vitamin C, etc…… Stick with it….)