TAKA (Achilles injury)

Kelly Starrett on how to voodoo floss ankles  (Same for basically anywhere on the body)

Kelly Starrett on tight ankles 

Kelly Starrett on hack-sawing calf muscles and tissues 

Chris Masterjohn’s Masterclass video starts out really chemistry-heavy and then he blends in useful everyday information nicely so that we understand Vitamin C’s role in body and best ways to find and consume it
Sleep expert Dr. Kirk Parsley on Sleep‘s role in physical and life performance:
Dr Andreo Spina ….
One of the best general movers in the world – IDO PORTAL – approach to movement, body, humanity: 
Why not apply ice to skin where injury has occurred? There no science that topical icing will help heal and improve overall outcome of injury. In fact, most evidence points to icing prolonging the healing process and reducing overall healing. Here are a couple thorough conversations about icing…. but there are many more. let me know if you are in need of more evidence here….
Here is a little random video I made talking about how my own foot injuries seemed to disappear as a result of overall approach to health and fitness rather than acute attention to a specific area….