Perspective Rx

It’s difficult to pull specific episodes from the Jocko Podcast and not just keep pulling more. So listening from episode 1 all the way through is fail-safe.

Jocko Willink – GOOD

Jocko Podcast 82 (Jocko’s teammate welcomes death and writes about it. Jocko pulls examples from multiple Veteran writers over history for ways to look at life and struggle. GOLD. Also Jocko and Echo chit-chat is equally as meaningful).

Jocko Podcast with Vietnam POW Cl. William “Bill” Reeder. Jaw-dropping accounts of the experience of southern Vietnam (jungle conditions) POWs. Today is a Beautiful Day!

Jocko Podcast – Machete Season – after this, a complaint will be impossible.

Jocko Podcast with Charlie Plumb – Vietnam War POW of 6 years. Again, complaining about anything becomes irrelevant. Charlie and Co. are priceless examples of human potential.

Jocko Podcast BTF Tony Eafrati. Crush to dust any idea of preciousness in life. I picture Tony standing next to me and no matter what I was thinking before that imagination, I immediately get tougher and more resilient (While keeping my mouth shut. Big fuckin deal. Next).

Jocko Podcast with Roger Hayden. Again, any complaint in mind, picture Roger standing next to you and you voicing your complaint….. 

TEAM NEVER QUIT PODCAST – Tim Ballard Rescuing Children From Sex Slavery

TEAM NEVER QUIT PODCAST – Lara Logan Survives Sexual Assault of 300-Person Mob while working for CNN in Egypt

David Goggins – polarizing figure, but his story will help end complaining