Ido Portal Squat Program

The 30/30 squat challenge by Ido Portal. 30 minutes of squatting for 30 straight days. If we lived in most places in the world, we’d squat for much more than 30 minutes each day, every day of our lives. So there is probably no reason this routine could not be continued indefinitely once the initial 30 days is complete.

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Knee pushaways 10-20 per side.

Hold knee out 10-30 seconds per side.

Sky reaches 10-30 reps per side.

Static sky reach 10-30 seconds per side.

Buddha prayers 10-30 reps per side. Palms together or fists knuckle-to-knuckle for greater range of motion (ROM).

Squat bows 10-30 reps. Various ROMs, eventually forehead to ground?

Static squat bows 10-30 seconds.

Shake it off….. done.