Everyone will give advice.

One might ask in response – internally or actually out loud – “what qualifies this individual to give said advice? How much work has this individual put into this specific topic?”

Typically, the individual who offers unsolicited advice has put zero extra and specific time into the topic. 

How one responds to the adviser is a personal choice, but weight need not be given to the advice from unqualified individuals. 


Relationships Blocking Success

Something that is so important to personal health is the category of “relationships.” If we have someone in our life that initiates a stress response simply by the sound of their voice or the mentioning of their name, then no matter how much intent we put into our personal health, we will never quite reach optimal levels.

How we “fix” this issue is a personal matter. But the tension created in every cell in the body when there is a toxic relationship afoot is often enough to completely derail even the most well-constructed health/fitness/wellness/nutrition/lifetstyle plan.