For online training / consulting, click the “Online Training” tab and fill out the form please…. Most people who try to make a big change in their health and fitness slip up because of incorrect information and poor strategy. All


$25 per single session or $160/Month Unlimited Sessions (month-to-month).

Personal Programming

$30 per single session or $160/Month up to 4 sessions/week. Then $200/Month for 5+ sessions/week. –First Responder / Military:  $20 off monthly payment. Gang Rate – sign-up with 3+ people = $120/Person/Month Unlimited Sessions.


I came to Ryan/Messfit by accident. I had 1 session with another trainer but he had to take time off so referred me to Ryan. What a fantastic accident. Ryan is not only great for elite athletes but also beginners like me. He understands why form is so important and how mobility can determine what should and should not be done. He modifies exercises based upon your abilities to help build you up. He won't let you beat yourself up either. Often he would tell me to leave my ego at the door.because I would get discouraged by having to do modified versions of something simple as push ups because I struggled. If you put most people through these workouts without proper supervision, they would easily injur themselves. We do a mix of strongman and crossfit that make others working out next to us say "that's a rough workout" or "glad I'm not doing that". My confidence is through the roof. Every time I walk in and I hear the workout or see it on the board I think I can't finish, but every time I complete it and surprise myself. I'm stronger than before, leaner, more muscular, but not bulky ( which is what I told him I wanted). Had I followed Ryan's nutrition recommendations I would probably have a six pack. He studies more about nutrition, supplements, muscles, and all things fitness related more than anyone I have ever met. He reminds me that I never should say "I should" it's always "I will". He told.mesomething to the effect of if I keep shoulding I will end up shoulding all over myself. my before and after pictures will explain what working with Ryan will do. You'll hate the workouts but you'll love the results. He will remind you that you don't need to compare yourself to the others you may be working out with. The whole point is to improve everyday. It may be more weight, it may be better form, either way it's all about improving yourself. If you cheat on a workout, you are only cheating yourself. I play soccer and everyone has commented on my improvements and body.


Messfit has helped me with my training and my team's training a lot. If it wasn't for Ryan's great weight training, I don't know where I would be. Ryan really showed me the correct & smart way to lift, and that improved my team's power, acceleration, endurance and speed. This guy knows his stuff. I will always get tips from Messfit.

John Bolton Short Distance Track Coach at Mt. Sac